Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Movie Could Take Place In Arkham Asylum

So, there's a pretty good reason why people don't always pay attention to the website Batman On Film. While the site obviously covers, y'know, Batman on film, it's hardly the most accurate of sources. That said, this rumor they dropped a few days has been picked up by the generally reliable Batman News, and what it suggests about Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie is worth paying attention to.

The rumor is that the bulk of Affleck's film, reportedly titled The Batman, will be set inside Arkham Asylum. The story would have him locked inside and battling many of his greatest foes, most of whom he is responsible for sending there. So what, a live-action adaptation of the Batman: Arkham Asylum video games? While that would be amazing, Affleck has claimed he and co-writer Geoff Johns will be telling an original story that borrows elements from a few others. So we'll just have to wait and see. The potential in this is off the charts, though, assuming the report is accurate.

With Comic-Con happening this week and Warner Bros. having a large presence, expect some news to drop one way or another.