'Bad Santa 2' Teaser Makes The Holidays Raunchy Again

Hard to believe it's taken 13 years for a sequel to R-rated holiday classic Bad Santa, and one has to wonder if the sweet spot has been missed. We won't know the answer for a few months but there's one reason to have confidence: Billy Bob Thornton is back and badder than ever as the one Santa Clause you don't want anywhere near your kids.

There's been a shake-up from top to bottom as Mark Waters (Mean Girls) takes over as director, backed by a veritable army of screenwriters including Doug Ellin (Entourage creator), Shauna Cross (Whip It), John Phillips (Dirty Grandpa), and Johnny Rosenthal. Why so many? Who knows? But hopefully it means the jokes will be even filthier. This new teaser doesn't reveal much other than that Willie Stokes is still a mean, drunken old bastard who is probably in the wrong profession. 

Also starring Tony Cox as his diminutive sidekick Marcus, Brett Kelly as a much older Thurman Merman, plus Christina Hendricks, Cathy Bates, and Ryan Hansen, Bad Santa 2 opens November 23rd.