Watch 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition's Opening 10-Minutes Here

So was the 183-minute R-Rated Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice an improvement over the theatrical version? The verdict, at least from those I know who have seen it, seems to be that it was, although they would probably say the bar was already pretty low. Today you can get that cut of the film digitally with the Blu-Ray dropping on July 19th, but you can get a taste of the extended edition right now.

The opening 10-minutes have been made available and immediately I spot a couple of small changes. There are a couple of extra shots during the Wayne family's murder, so if you were really dying for a bit more Jeffrey Dean Morgan you got him. And there's a little more of Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne as the Superman/Zod battle from Man of Steel takes place.

Check it out, and we'll have a review of the Ultimate Edition soon.