Warner Bros. May Want Justin Lin To Direct 'Akira'

Warner Bros.' problems developing an American remake of manga/anime classic Akira are well-documented. It's been years of struggles with practically dozens of actors and directors passing through at different points, along with a new approach every year or so. Over the last year we've seen two reports emerge: one that said Daredevil showrunner Marco J. Ramirez would write the script, and another claiming Christopher Nolan was getting involved. Perhaps both of those things are in effect, but a new rumor suggests a director may have been found.

According to the chatty Jeff Sneider (formerly with The Wrap) on the Meet the Movie Press podcast, Warner Bros. wants Justin Lin to direct Akira. He's currently busy with Star Trek Beyond, but his other franchise experience is deep as the chief director of the Fast & Furious movies. Clearly he'd be a big get for the project, but remember this is all a rumor that Sneider didn't offer up much evidence to support.

Akira takes place in the future in a place known as neo-Tokyo, and follows best friends Tetsuo and Kaneda who become targets of the government when Tetsuo gains incredible psychic abilities. The original manga was adapted into a 1988 anime film that has become just as much of a classic as its predecessor. There aren't many out there clamoring to see it adapted into a live-action movie, but with the equally beloved Ghost in the Shell on the way with Scarlett Johansson, clearly Hollywood is going to keep trying.