There's A 'Splash' Remake Coming, But With A Twist

I know you probably read that headline and groaned, "Oh why doesn't Hollywood do anything original anymore"? Well, the answer is simple: because audiences don't show up to original movies anymore. Period. Remember it the next time you turn down The Nice Guys or Crimson Peak (I just watched it again last night and you suck, America) for whatever the latest remake is. So it's understandable when uber-producer Brian Grazer says he plans to remake Splash for a new audience.

Grazer revealed to CNBC that he's plotting a redo of Ron Howard's 1984 comedy, Splash, which starred Tom Hanks as a guy who fell in love with a mermaid played by Daryl Hannah. Grazer said...

“I’m actually doing ‘Splash,’ and I can’t say [anything more]. I’m actually going to do it from the point-of-view of…I can’t say anything about it. There’s a movie star that’s going to be involved, [but] I haven’t announced it."

When pressed, he went on to add that it will be a version of his original treatment, titled Wet, which told the story from the mermaid's perspective. However, it sounds like he's not going to play it straight.

“We’re going to do a version of that, but I can’t tell you the twist,”

So what's the twist? Maybe that the mermaid is actually a mer-dude? And who is the movie star? Probably not Hanks or Hannah again, but would anyone be surprised if they surfaced for cameos?