Sylvester Stallone Teaming With Jim Mickle For Untitled Ex-Con Thriller

Jim Mickle, a modern master of genre flicks with films such as We Are What We Are and Cold In July, teaming up with action movie royalty Sylvester Stallone? Yes please. Stallone excitedly announced a couple of months ago at CinemaCon that he'd be starring in a new thriller for STX Entertainment, but he wasn't able to give any details. Well now we know what that project is and it sounds pretty exciting.

Mickle will direct Stallone in a film formerly titled Godforsaken, penned by Daniel Casey. The currently-untitled movie stars Stallone as an aging ex-con regretfully estranged from his family, in particular his son. When he learns of his son's death, he breaks from his life of solitude and decides to protect what little family he has left.

That logline is pretty vague, but with Mickle on board you can bet there will be something more to it. No word on when shooting begins but it will have to wait until Mickle finishes up with The Esperanza Fire, based on the 2006 arson-caused wildfire in California that killed five firefighters. [Deadline]