'Sicario' Sequel Finds A Director But Emily Blunt Won't Return

We've known for some time that a sequel to Denis Villeneueve's Sicario was in the works, despite the story never really calling for it. While it seemed like a bad idea, only made worse by Villenueve being too busy to return, news that screenwriter Taylor Sheridan and stars Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro, and Josh Brolin would be coming back made prospects a bit better. So it will be interesting to see the reaction now that a new director has been found, while one of the vaunted trio of stars is suddenly no longer involved.

According to Deadline, Emily Blunt will not be reprising her role as agent Kate Mercer in the sequel, titled Soldado. Instead the story will focus on Del Toro's killer "consultant", who is once again working the Mexico/U.S. border zone with Brolin's deceitful CIA agent.

As for who will take over for Villenueve, the choice is apparently Stefano Sollima, who is best known for directing the TV series adaptation of Gomorrah, based on Matteo Garrone's sprawling and acclaimed crime movie. Not the most obvious choice, but then this isn't the most obvious of sequels. Del Toro gave an enigmatic performance that had audiences buzzing, but will it have the same effect with the focus completely on him? The plan is to begin shooting on Soldado in the fall.