Sam Raimi's Working On A Heist Movie Set During A Tornado

Hey, what was Sam Raimi's last feature film? It was 2013's Oz the Great and Powerful, one of the rare live-action fairy tale misfires from Disney, which is wild considering the cast and obvious connection to one of the most beloved movies of all-time. But a failure it was, and Raimi is going about as far in the other direction as possible for his latest project.

Variety reports Raimi is working with Warner Bros. on a film titled Stormfall, about a heist that takes place during a tornado. Raimi has plans to direct while writers will be brought on to work on the screenplay. Not much else is known about it this early on, but it already sounds like a blast.

Raimi's currently attached to a remake of A Prophet and World War 3 based on George Friedman's dire predictions.