‘Preacher’ Recap: “See”

Now that we have the pilot out of the way, let’s roll up our sleeves and get totally involved in the world of AMC’s Preacher.  We got to meet some very interesting characters like the titular character Jesse, a hard-drinking Preacher with a dark past and can really kick ass in small town Texas, who was ready to call it quits until he came in contact with some sort of entity that has granted him with as yet explained powers of suggestion.  We also got to meet Tulip, a complete badass ex-girlfriend of Jesse who wants to bring him back to the good old days before he became a preacher.  Our third “hero” was vampire Cassidy, who although we can barely understand, is also a badass and pretty much steals the show in every scene he’s involved in.  We also got to briefly see two people tailing Jesse and “It.”  Where could the show go from here?  Let’s take a look at the second episode “See.”

The show started with a flashback (135 years to be exact) to the Old West.  Not much was given in regards to the context for who this new character is.  He was very reminiscent of Clint Eastwood in many of his old western films, so let’s just call him The Man With No Name.  The Man was on a mission to find a way to save his sick child.  The Man comes upon some settlers who basically went out west to find their fortune and glory.  As they are talking with The Man, they are explaining that this is paradise, The Man disagrees.  Comic Fans will probably have some insight as to who this person is, so we’ll just have to wait and see how his story turns out.  

As the episode turns to the present day, Jesse is taking care of his preacher business and facilitating a mass baptism.  He gives Eugene Root (Arseface) a baptism, as he really wants God to listen to him yet again.  Eugene seems like such a tortured character.  All he really wants is for someone to listen to him, and through his desperation shot himself.  As he reveals to Preacher later in the episode, the baptism didn’t change much for his depression.  You can’t but feel sorry for him.  Another person in line to get baptized is former flame Tulip, who does have the best writing.  Of course, she’s just trying to get under Jesse’s skin, but when she gets ready to leave after the baptism, she said: “thanks for getting me all wet” to her former boyfriend…. You can’t make this stuff up!

Cassidy the vampire is now the resident mechanic for the church, even though he’s not fixing anything and spending most of his time drinking the church wine.  He does run into Eugene where Eugene’s face shocks him into saying “That fella’s got a face like an arse,” giving Eugene his nickname “Arseface.”

Carrying out preacher duties is not all fun and games, as Jesse has to hear the confessions of a pervert.  One of his parishioners is a school bus driver who just happens to have sick twisted thoughts about the little girls that he drives to and from school.  Because Jesse is a preacher, he cannot go to the police because confessions are protected.  Of course, we all know what the badass bone breaking preacher will be doing before the episode ends.     He also has a house call to a comatose parishioner and the young lady’s not so happy mother as well.  This will factor in later in the episode as well.

We are also introduced to a new character named Odin played by Jackie Earle Haley of Watchmen fame.  He seems to be so rich that he can buy a home from a family and within moments bulldoze their property down.  What if they said no and didn’t sign.  He probably would have done it anyway.  Because he had a brief cameo this episode, he’s most certainly going to have a larger role as the series progresses.  He comes across as a mustache-twirling bad guy, but what obstacles will he have for Jesse?  Will he try and buy out the church?

One of the highlights of the episode is in the church when Jesse and Cassidy spend a few moments chugging back some drinks and smoking up the church.  During the conversation, Cassidy pries into Jesse’s past.  After all, no normal preacher can literally rip the bones out of someone during a fight.  Jesse, ever the shy guy turns it back onto Cassidy and tries to learn a little bit about him, Cassidy tells the truth that he’s a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City and is on the run from vampire hunters.  Of course, Jesse doesn’t believe such a ridiculous statement, would you?  Jesse then drinks from Cassidy’s personal stash, which promptly knocks him out.  Cassidy proceeds to take Jesse’s wallet, car keys and tries to get out of dodge.

While Jesse is knocked out, the two mysterious men from the last episode come into the church.  It’s clear they know what’s going on with Jesse’s supernatural abilities and proceed to perform the weirdest ceremony on him complete with singing and paint cans.  When this “exorcism” fails, they result to drastic measures and out comes a chainsaw.  Jesse gets lucky and Cassidy (who’s having a change of heart) comes back into the church.  He confronts the two thinking they are after him.  We are then treated to yet another great bloody fight.  Cassidy and the two hitmen go all out hitting each other with bibles, fists, and eventually the chainsaws… this is after gunshots go off as well.  Cassidy eventually wins the battle, gets his fill of their blood and begins to clean up the church.  Because he’s a vampire, he’s probably got a lot of experience making blood and bodies disappear.  The only thing that stops him from getting rid of the bodies immediately is that the sun is out, and he’s gonna stay indoors.  This whole thing happened while Jesse was passed out, that’s one strong drink!

Jesse gets “kidnapped” but Tulip where she once again tries to convince him to go on the “job” with him.  Turns out the job is not for money but is a means to get some information relevant to the both of their pasts.  What that is, who knows?  Turns out she really didn’t kidnap him, but just left him handcuffed to an unlocked chain.  This is on top of stealing the wheel to his car and asking “did Jesus take the wheel.”  Tulip knows how to play games!  

Throughout the episode, Jesse was haunted by the school bus subconsciously driving past him.  We all know where this leads him to.  Jesse goes into vigilante mode and confronts his parishioner who’s fond of little girls.  After giving the man a serious whooping, he then proceeds to “baptize” the man in scorching hot water.  As he is holding the man under burning water he says” Forget Her.”  In kicks, Jesse’s supernatural power and the man gets caught in Jesse’s trance.  The man is asking who should he forget, and doesn’t even remember why Jesse is in his house.  Jesse figures out that something’s going on and his words carry weight.  He proceeds to go back to his comatose parishioner and tells her “Open Your Eyes,” and the episode ends.  Do his powers have a catch?  Does this mean the girl will open her eyes, but is braindead?  We’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens.

One great thing about the show is that as crazy and weird as it is, it just continues going down the rabbit hole.  If we thought that last week was unique, this week started more than 100 years more and gives us an even stranger character.  We still don’t know anything about the two hunting Jesse.   Even though Cassidy killed, drank their blood, dismembered them, and buried their bodies, they were back and whole by the end of the episode.  Are they demons?  What are they?!?  

Next week looks like Jesse will try and test his superpowers and see where he fits in the world with his new abilities. Looks like fun!