‘Preacher’ Recap: “Monster Swamp”

So bored meat workers go paintball hunting for girls in their underwear in small town Texas?  Don’t they already have a whorehouse?  It seems to be a very specific, very weird way to blow off some steam.  But hey, it’s Preacher.  This week we get to see a little more of just how weird and insane Quincannon is.  We also get to see just how far his power extends in this town.  Speaking of power, Jesse continues to use his powers of influence, but for how long will he use it for good without it going to his head?

Let’s take a look at the second episode “Monster Swamp.”

The episode begins looking like any 80s horror film with a half-naked woman fearlessly running away from some unseen monster.  Is there a new threat?  Is it a plain old monster?  We already have vampires, why not werewolves or anything else?  Is it a monster from heaven or hell?  Nope, just a bunch of good old boys playing a very demented Hunger Games spinoff: panty hunters.  As one of the girls is caught and shot with pain, she, unfortunately, falls victim to a man-made monster: a sinkhole, as she falls to her death.  

Over at the church, Cassidy confronts Jesse about the danger the angels present.  But remember, Jesse was stone cold drunk during the entire battle royal a few episodes ago.  Jesse doesn’t believe one word Jesse is saying.  After all, he really doesn’t think that Cassidy is even a vampire.  Even though Jesse is exhibiting supernatural abilities, he’s still skeptical of supernatural things going on around him.  It’s kind of arrogant that he thinks that he’s the only one around that this sort of stuff happens to.  Cassidy still thinks they are government agents, or clones, or androids.  It’s always funny to hear Cassidy come to conclusions, or even just to talk in general.  Cassidy knows that the angels mean bad business and please with Jesse to get out of town, but once again Jessie is clueless to what’s really going on.  

Jesse has plans to revitalize his church by any means necessary.  You have to admit, the plan it somewhat devious, and yet it does pay off towards the end of the episode.  He convinces Emily to purchase a flat screen television for the purpose of a raffle in order to draw people to church next Sunday.  Who wouldn’t pass up the possibility for a free TV?  He also wants to have Quincannon come to church and convince him to worship God.  Quincannon is pretty much the man behind the curtain in town.  Although Niles is the mayor, the real power is in whoever can provide jobs, so Quincannon really runs things.  If Jesse can “convert” Quincannon, then the rest of the town can fall in line and start coming to church in droves.  

Speaking of Emily, it turns out Niles has a major crush on her.  He babysits for her, and cleans her house, but she makes it completely clear that he has no shot at a relationship with her.  However, she does strip down in front of him, so perhaps this is some sort of booty call relationship.  It’s never really spelled out.

Tulip continues to be a fun, rage-filled beauty.  She seems to be the only one genuinely pissed about the death of the girl in town.  Quincannon gives a speech telling his workers not to play too rough and for the girls to watch where they are going.  Even the sheriff, doesn’t seem to care cause hey “it’s Chinatown.”  Later at the whorehouse, Tulip makes a scene because she’s mad about the death and how no one cares.  She takes it upon herself to proceed to beat up the individual responsible.  The only problem is she couldn’t tell whose bare buttocks she was beating and takes a tire iron to Cassidy, who’s there to get some.  As a result, Cassidy is launched out of a window with a glass shard stuck in his neck.  Feeling guilty she takes him to the local hospital.  Cassidy sees the warrior-woman in Tulip and asks for a kiss which she gladly obliges.  Could this be the start of a love triangle between her, Cassidy, and Jesse?  In the hospital, Tulip is frantic and wants nothing to do with paperwork.  Unbeknownst to her, Cassidy is in heaven and heads right to the blood bank area of the hospital and starts drinking away.  Now Tulip knows his vampire secret.

There is a little bit of info related to the two angels as well.  Of course, they need to get “it” out of Jesse, but it turns that they are there without permission from heaven.  They really want to work under the radar so much that they are willing to give Cassidy hush money for drugs, and are fearful when their weird phone from heaven starts ringing.  They pretty much act like kids who continue to hit “ignore” when their parents call them after curfew.  They somewhat are the comic relief of the show based on their continuous deaths and old school equipment, but the layers are peeling off for their backstory as well.

Speaking of backstory, we are treated to a few flashbacks surrounding a young Jesse and his father.  Turns out his father isn’t as high and mighty as we were led to expect.  He beats Jesse, but there seems to be other issues that will be revealed as well.  

Towards the end of the episode, Jesse gives his sermon requiring his parishioners “Serve God.”  To show an example, Jesse uses his power on Quincannon who he pretty much bribed to come to service.  Quincannon is standoff-ish as is with anyone telling him what to do in town.  However, he can’t resist Jesse’s power.  It probably would have been better if the show made some people resistant to Jesse’s power.  How much of an adversary could he be if Jesse can pretty much make him do whatever he wants him to?  Tulip and Quincannon should have been able to be immune from the power.  We know that Quincannon isn’t immune.  Hopefully, Tulip has some special ability.

Next week looks like Quincannon is now under Jesse’s control, and that doesn’t set right with Tulip. Jesse might be turning into the villain.  It looks like it’s setting up for her and Jesse, former lovers, to become adversaries.  Knowing Tulips attitude, Jessie might have met his match.