Possible 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Details Tease An Arthurian Link

You might want to take this with a drop of Energon, but Joblo claims to know why Michael Bay's fifth Transformers movie is titled 'The Last Knight'. Their info is pretty far out there, but if true it would draw a link all the way to the actual King Arthur and his knights. Say wha?

According to the site, Optimus Prime will finally make that long-awaited trek to Cybertron, which he finds is a dead planet that he is responsible for killing. In order to revive it he must locate a powerful artifact, which is back on Earth and may have ties to Merlin. Yes, THAT Merlin, the powerful mage from the King Arthur legends. Turns out he may have been given those incredible powers from a Transformer. And yet they didn't teach him how to turn into a Corvette, which sounds like he got robbed in that bargain.

While all of that sounds pretty ridiculous, would anyone be surprised if it turned out to be true? Bay is going big, even bigger than usual, for his "final" Transformers movie and this would certainly qualify. It would also mean extended time spent on Cybertron, which is what fans have eager to see. The site notes that three new Transformers will debut.  One is The Creator, which sounds like the same beings glimpsed in Transformers: Age of Extinction that Prime flew off to find. Another is Squeaks, who transforms into a Vespa, and an English Aston Martin named Cogman which may be where the recently-cast Anthony Hopkins fits in. Megatron is indeed returning as the villain, the Dinobots are expected to come back, and Bumblebee could be taking more of a leadership role, perhaps to prepare for his upcoming spinoff.

What do you think? Sound feasible?  Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 23rd 2017.