Paramount Is Planning A Reboot of 'The Saint'

If the name Simon Templar sounds familiar, then you might be a fan of The Saint, Leslie Charteris' Robin Hood-esque criminal who featured in numerous novels, a popular 1960s TV series starring Roger Moore, a 1997 movie with Val Kilmer, and various radio specials and small-screen adaptations. That makes it a recognizable brand to millions of fans, and Paramount is going to make sure they leverage that.

Paramount has picked up the books rights with plans to launch a new film. Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Brad Krevoy, and Robert Evans will produce.  Simon Templar is known as "The Saint" because he steals only from those who have profited through crime and corruption. He takes a great amount of glee in his activities, leaving behind a "calling card" of a stick figure sporting a halo.

There isn't a director, star, or evn a screenwriter at this point so things are very early on. Considering most young moviegoers will be unfamiliar with the character, it wouldn't be surprising if Paramount casts the role with that in mind. [Deadline]