New Trailer For Road Trip Dramedy 'The Fundamentals Of Caring' With Paul Rudd And Selena Gomez

Netflix has been making quite an impact on Hollywood with some of their recent acquisitions, but as of yet none of the films they've actually released have made much of a splash. Beasts of No Nation was probably the closest as it was at least talked about during the awards seasons, but what else? Certainly not the much-hyped Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny which came and went without much fanfare. Perhaps Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez can turn the tide with the recently-acquired comedy, The Fundamentals of Caring?

Debuting at Sundance where Netflix purchased it for a hefty sum, the film is directed by Rob Burnett and stars Rudd as a grieving caretaker whose first gig is caring for an acerbic sex-obsessed teenager (Craig Roberts) suffering from muscular dystrophy. The two decide to hit the road and take in the sights, picking up a feisty hitchhiker (Gomez) who changes both of their lives.

This was far from my favorite film at Sundance but Netflix should get a ton of views thanks to the pairing of Rudd and Gomez, who are both pretty watchable.  The Fundamentals of Caring begins streaming this Friday, June 24th.