New Trailer For R-Rated 'Batman V Superman' Ultimate Cut, Film Returns To Theaters Next Week

So...what are the reasons that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is considered such a critical failure? Was it the screenplay? The performances? The tone? Some might say it was all of things and more, whatever the reasons can they be fixed with an extra 30-minutes? The R-rated Ultimate Edition is hitting home release soon with tons of extra footage put in by Zack Snyder, but before that it's going to be coming to a theater near you.

Warner Bros. is dropping the R-rated cut into limited theaters on Tuesday, June 27th. That's 182-minutes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman punching things and looking very very angry while doing it. There will also be new scenes and brand new characters, including one played by Jena Malone who absolutely is NOT Robin.

A full list of the screenings is below and you can RSVP here. Unfortunately many are full already, but that's okay because that version will be released digitally the very next day on June 28th, followed by the Blu-Ray/DVD on July 19th. Check out a trailer for it below, as well.

Theater: Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane

Theater: Showplace ICON – Dolby Atmos

Theater: The Gateway Film Center

Theater: River Oaks Theatre

Theater: AMC Burbank 16 – Dolby Atmos

Theater: ArcLight Hollywood

New York
Theater: AMC Empire 25 – Dolby Atmos

New York
Theater: City Cinemas Angelika Film Center

Theater: Ritz V

Theater: AMC Desert Ridge – Dolby Atmos

San Francisco
Theater: Sundance Kabuki Cinema

Theater: E-Street Cinema