Miles Teller Is Boxer Vinny Pazienza In First 'Bleed For This' Trailer

Boxing movies seem to be making a comeback worthy of George Foreman, with the crowd-pleasing Creed performing well at the box office and scoring an Oscar nomination for Sylvester Stallone. Southpaw didn't turn out so well for Jake Gyllenhaal but it was respectable enough, and soon we'll have the Roberto Duran biopic Hands of Stone, which Weinstein hopes will earn some awards season love. But after that there's Bleed for This, which perhaps has a better shot at some gold as it stars Miles Teller as one of boxing's most inspiring fighters, Vinny Pazienza.

Written and directed by Ben Younger with Aaron Eckhart co-starring as trainer Kevin Rooney, the film centers on Vinny Paz's championship career which almost ended after a near-fatal auto accident. Suffering a broken neck and told by doctors he may never walk again, Paz rehabbed like a demon and was back in the ring just 13 months later, defeating a future world champion in the process.

Also starring Katey Sagal, Amanda Clayton, Ciaran Hinds, and Ted Levine, Bleed for This opens November 4th then goes wide on November 23rd.