Kevin Hart Will 'Run The Jewels', Charlotte Rampling Finds 'Euphoria', Selma Blair Joins 'Mom And Dad'

Given the amount of loot each of his comedies manages to reel in, some would say Kevin Hart has been runnin' the jewels for a while, but now he'll actually make it official. The fun-sized half of the Central Intelligence duo will produce Run the Jewels, and sadly it's not a concert film about rap duo El-P and Killer Mike. More on them in a sec, but the film is penned by Alex Blagg and Neel Shah, and centers on a group of failed rappers who attempt to rob a hip-hop mogul.  At this point Hart isn't expected to star, but the film is set up at Universal where he has a very deep connection. As for the actual rap group with that name? They aren't happy about the movie's title, but it's not likely to be changed because of their complaining. The phrase "run the jewels" has been around since long before El-P's Company Flow days, so it's not like he has exclusive rights to it. [THR]

Wow, what a trio this is. The great Charlotte Rampling (Swimming Pool, 45 Years), will join Alicia Vikander and Eva Green in the family drama, Euphoria. The film is a reunion between Vikander and director Lisa Langeth (Pure) and is the first project under the actress' new production banner. Details remain scarce but the story centers on two sisters in conflict as they travel to a mysterious European destination. Shooting begins this August in the German Alps. [Deadline]

Earlier this year Nicolas Cage agreed to star in the action thriller Mom and Dad from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance co-director, Brian Taylor, as the paternal half of the parental duo. Now we know it will be Selma Blair as his better half, although considering the story that might be the wrong way to put it. They play parents who are suddenly overcome by a hysteria that causes parents to attack their children. Everybody knows Cage is a wild man but Blair has had her share of bizarre public displays, so the two of them as parents prone to hysterics is appropriate. [Variety]