'Justice League Dark' Is Happening, Just As An Animated Film

For years we've been hearing about Guillermo Del Toro's vision for a Justice League Dark film, featuring DC's stable of supernatural heroes. And while the concept of seeing characters such as John Constantine, Zatanna, and Swamp Thing brought into the live-action DCU was always intriguing, it never seemed to be going anywhere, and certainly wasn't brought forth as part of Warner Bros.' future slate of movies. And now we're getting an idea as to why, as the film will be part of their series of animated features instead and will be given a direct-to-DVD release.

The British Board of Film Classification has revealed that the upcoming home release of animated film Batman: The Killing Joke will include a bonus feature titled, "A Sneak Peek at Justice League Dark". Well, that's pretty much rock solid confirmation that the film will be part of WB's animated movie-verse because those teasers are a regular part of the DVD package.

So that's a little disappointing, especially with Ben Mendelsohn rumored to play the villain, but at least the movie is happening. Last year Del Toro dropped out of directing but said he would still be involved with the screenplay. Whether that script is still being used is another question mark, though.