John Carney Apologizes To Keira Knightley For Hurtful Comments

Sing Street director John Carney would like to begin again on his recent comments bashing Keira Knightley, because he sounded like a total jerk.  Over the weekend Carney ripped the Oscar nominee for her performance and supposedly unprofessional conduct on the set of Begin Again, and the reaction probably wasn't what he expected.  Coming to her defense were past directors such as Lorene Scafaria, Lynn Shelton, and Mark Romanek, and maybe it was catching heat from his peers that forced Carney to change his tune.  Here's what he recently posted on Twitter...

Of course, the conversation didn't just "turn to a discussion" of Begin Again, he took it down the ugly path of disparaging Knightley himself. Be that as it may, this is a pretty thorough apology, without the typical qualifiers such as "I apologize if I offended anybody", so hopefully we can put all of this to rest.