J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon May Be The Most Jacked Ever

Yo, Commissioner Gordon could totally kick your butt. He's always been a badass cop, and you'd have to be to run Gotham City's mean streets, but in Zack Snyder's Justice League movies he's also going to be totally jacked. How do we know? Because celebrity trainer Aaron Williams dropped these photos of J.K. Simmons in the gym, and he looks like he would totally kick sand in your face at the beach.

A photo posted by Aaron Williamson (@aaronvwilliamson) on

Are we sure the 61-year-old Simmons isn't looking to challenge Henry Cavill for the Superman role? And it looks like he's overcompensating on the Gordon mustache just a little bit.

Is there a reason that Gordon needs to be ripped like a young Schwarzenegger? Probably not, but it couldn't hurt, right?  Justice League opens November 10th 2017.