Jason Statham Is Fixing To Kick Some Butt In The 'Mechanic: Resurrection' Trailer

Jason Statham's The Mechanic came and exactly the wrong time in the actor's career. In 2011 he had done so many similar-looking action flicks that nobody bothered to show up for it, a shame because it was arguably his best solo film yet. Considering the weak box office and utter lack of demand for a sequel, it's still a little surprising that Mechanic: Resurrection exists, but it's real, the cast is surprisingly starry, and the first trailer looks pretty darn good.

Statham is back as hit man Arthur Bishop, joined by new additions Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones, and Michelle Yeoh. This time directed by Dennis Gansel (The Fourth State), the film finds Bishop retired from contract killing until his greatest nemesis kidnaps his girlfriend and draws him back into action. 

The prior film was actually a remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson flick and lived up to its predecessor quite well. Hopefully Mechanic: Resurrection will keep that going when it arrives on August 26th.