Is Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff With Silver Sable Happening At Marvel?

A couple of years ago before Sony got their Spider-Man bailout by Marvel, they had an ambitious slate of potential projects. This is one of the things that killed their franchise to begin with; planning too far ahead without solidifying the present. Anyway, their plans included a number of female-led Spidey films, including one for the mercenary Silver Sable. Obviously that never happened, but a new rumor says it may not be totally dead.

Former scooper Jeff Sneider mentioned on the Popcorn Talk podcast that Sony is in talks with screenwriter Abi Morgan (Suffragette) to pen a Silver Sable movie.  Sable is a mercenary who likes to hunt war criminals and leads a team known as the Wild Pack. This is interesting because Silver Sable is very much a Spider-Man character, so this would be a Sony movie and not necessarily a Marvel film. It's not impossible for them to be developing an entire Spider-Man universe totally outside of Marvel's realm, just as they are doing with that animated Spidey movie with Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Speaking of which, Sony announced a few days ago that Bob Persichetti will be at the helm of that film, which may or may not feature Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker.

On the other hand, Sony also wants to take the best advantage of their partnership with Marvel and develop that Spider-Man universe within the MCU. THR caught up with studio chief Tom Rothman and he said Sony still has plans to build an entire Spider-Man universe through their partnership with Marvel. He confirmed the current working arrangement will stay in place, as well, with Sony deciding what projects move forward while Marvel takes creative control...

"Sony has the ultimate authority. But we have deferred the creative lead to Marvel, because they know what they’re doing. We start shooting the new Spider-Man in Atlanta [in mid-June]."

Besides a Silver Sable movie we've also heard of a Venom film that is expected to be outside of the MCU. That may have changed given the instant popularity of Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. We can probably assume those Sinister Six plans are still simmering, as well.

Chances are we won't know anything firm until Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in 2018. If that film is as huge as we all expect it to be, then you can bet both studios will work to expand on it.