Is Ghost Rider Coming To'Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD'?

It wasn't too long ago that Marvel reacquired the rights to Ghost Rider, after a pair of awful and financially unsuccessful movies from Columbia Pictures. There have been rumors the motorbike-riding Spirit of Vengeance could get his own Netflix series, but could he appear on Agents of SHIELD first?

Marvel dropped a very suggestive image on Twitter that shows an Agents of SHIELD-themed train that will making the rounds at San Diego Comic-Con. On it can clearly be seen a flaming chain, Ghost Rider's primary weapon.  

The thing is, the flaming chain is also the weapon used by the Inhuman character, Hellfire, who was played by Axle Whitehead in Agents of SHIELD's third season. In the comics, Hellfire is actually the grandson of Carter Slade, the first character ever to be known as Ghost Rider until he was given the new name of Phantom Rider. So there's a connection that Marvel could explore if they wanted to, but it's more likely when Ghost Rider emerges it will be either on the big screen or Netflix.

It's worth noting that Hellfire and Daisy (Chloe Bennett) briefly had a romantic relationship in the Secret Warriors comic. We may be seeing Hellfire bumped up to a more prominent role on the show.