Intense New Trailer For HBO's 'Westworld' Questions Reality

That HBO's Westworld is hitting the small screen this fall is pretty amazing considering where it was a few months ago.  Earlier this year the series, which boasts the talents of writer/director Jonathan Nolan plus producers JJ Abrams and Lisa Joy, was halted as the network wasn't fond of what they had been seeing. They appeared to be pushing it all the way to next year, but obviously they're bringing the dark sci-fi series around earlier because a terrifying new trailer just debuted.

Based on the Michael Crichton film and starring Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright, Thandie Newton, Ben Barnes, Shannon Woodward, Rodrigo Santoro, Luke Hemsworth, and Clifton Collins Jr., the series is described as a a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin." It takes place at a futuristic theme park with a Western motif combined with sci-fi elements.

So expect plenty of dark, thought-provoking material, and hopefully a return to form for HBO. The network has been struggling to find their next big drama series to go along with  Game of Thrones. Perhaps Westworld will be it.