Here's What Tom Hiddleston Thinks About Those James Bond Rumors

If the fans had their way, Tom Hiddleston would probably already be James Bond. Unfortunately, as outgoing Bond director Sam Mendes made clear, the fans won't have jack to do with who is chosen for the role. While Daniel Craig isn't out the door yet, a recent story said that Hiddleston is in "advanced talks" to replace him as 007. But how much of that is true? Well now we've got word straight from Loki's mouth.

Hiddleston addressed the Bond rumors while attending Wizard World Philadelphia, and here was his response...

"I'm sorry to disappoint you everybody.  I don't think that announcement is coming. But I'm very gratified to hear the enthusiasm. There's not much that I can say that I haven't already said, but I know... your guess is as good as mine to be honest."

Doesn't sound like that's happening...yet. Hiddleston doesn't outright deny it, but he comes pretty darn close. What it could mean is that Craig is indeed sticking around for at least one more movie, so no further announcements need to be made. Or maybe Hiddleston lost out to one of the other candidates, like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, or Jamie Bell.  If Hiddleston is out then it could also mean his director on The Night Manager, Susanne Bier, is out of the running, too.

We just don't know, but you can bet some kind of decision either has already been made or will be very shortly.