Glenn Close Takes On Zombies In 'The Girl With All The Gifts' Trailer

Zombie movies probably won't ever go away, especially when the most popular show on TV is The Walking Dead, but at least new and interesting things are being done with the genre. Or at least, they were, but even the unique spins aren't so fresh anymore. Perhaps that will change with the arrival of The Girl with All the Gifts, a zombie film that is coming out of nowhere and shows a ton of promise.

Looking a lot like Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later, the film is based on the novel by author M.R. Carey (aka Mike Carey, a former writer on Marvel's X-Men comic) that takes place after most of humanity has been wiped out by a fungal infection. The infected are referred to as "hungries" because they lose their mental capacity and feed on human flesh. A potential cure is found in Melanie, a young hungry who has maintained a genius-level IQ.

Colm McCarthy (Peaky Blinders) is at the helm with a surprisingly strong cast led by Glenn Close, Paddy Considine, Gemma Arterton, and newcomer Sennia Nanua as Melanie.  Since it doesn't look like we'll ever get Boyle's 28 Months Later, maybe this will help fill the void? The Girl with All the Gifts hits the UK in September and will be distributed stateside by Saban Films at some point.