Trailer For Heist Flick 'Marauders' With Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista, And Christopher Meloni

It may seem like Bruce Willis has been slowing down of late, but that only means you're not checking the $5 DVD bin at Wal-Mart hard enough. He's actually been churning out one generic action flick after another, minus the occasional Die Hard film which probably deserve to be in there, and now he's got another on the way.  The first trailer for crime flick Marauders has just landed, and despite a solid cast this looks like another that won't be worth remembering.

Willis stars alongside Dave Bautista (At this point he should know better), Christopher Meloni, and Adrian Grenier, in the story of a bank manager who becomes the target of FBI agents investigating him for the bank's robbery. Not a bad premise, and the trailer suggests there is a lot more going on here than it appears, but does anybody even look awake? Everybody's sleepwalking their way through this, most of all Willis who always appears to be dialing it in.

Marauders is directed by Steven C. Miller, who was at the helm of Willis' awful film Extraction. So take that as a guidepost for what to expect from Marauders, which hits cinemas and VOD on July 1st.