First Trailer For 1960s-Set Horror Prequel 'Ouija: Origin Of Evil'

Movies based on board games are nothing new, go back to 1985's Clue as an example, but a film based on the pseudo-supernatural ouija board seemed particularly silly. And yet 2014's Ouija was undeniably one of that year's biggest hits, costing roughly $5M and earning $103M. That kind of return on investment guarantees a sequel, and now we have the first trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil, which as you probably guessed is a prequel.

Directed by Mike Flanagan who had his breakout film 2013's horror, Oculus, and starring that film's lead, Annalise Basso, Ouija: Origin of Evil moves the scares to the 1960s. Pretty sure ouija boards pre-date that, but whatever. Anyway, Elizabeth Reaser (Twilight) plays a phony medium who along with her two daughters (Basso and Lulu Wilson) accidentally summon an evil spirit.

The film co-stars Henry Thomas (E.T.), Doug Jones (Hellboy), and Lin Shaye who is making the jump from James Wan's Insidious films. Too bad they couldn't form some kind of a connection there. Ouija: Origin of Evil opens October 21st, just in time for Halloween.