First Look At Jacob Tremblay And Jaeden Lieberher In Colin Trevorrow's 'The Book Of Henry'

There's still an air of mystery surrounding The Book of Henry, the latest film from Jurassic World, Safety Not Guaranteed, and upcoming Star Wars IX director, Colin Trevorrow. What we do know for certain is that it has a pair of today's most beloved young stars in Room's Jacob Tremblay and Midnight Special's Jaeden Lieberher.

Both actors appear in the first official image released by Empire Magazine. The story, penned by author and comic book writer Gregg Hurwitz, centers on a single mom raising two boys, one of whom is a genius and apparently loves plunging things. The boys set out on a scheme to rescue their neighbor (Maddie Ziegler) from abuse at the hands of her father, a police commissioner. Naomi Watts plays the boys' mother, while Sarah Silverman, Dean Norris, Lee Pace, and Bobby Moynihan co-star. 

This has been a passion project of Trevorrow's for a while now, and he sounds excited to finally be making it happen. Scoring the #1 hit of 2015 will do that for ya.

"I wanted to do something that scared the hell out of me. An acoustic movie with intense emotion. The challenge was to give an audience the same tension and thrills they get from a blockbuster, but rely solely on story and character to do it.”

The Book of Henry opens September 16th, and if we're lucky it'll mean Tremblay can attend all the awards shows again.