Final 'The Legend Of Tarzan' Trailer Teases A War Of The Apes

Warner Bros.' The Legend of Tarzan is only a few weeks away and there just doesn't seem to be a lot of talk about it. And what there is tends to be negative, with much of the discussion focusing on the CGI, and that it looks like a poor man's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Well those comments aren't likely to change with this latest trailer, apparently the final one, which has Tarzan battling one of his simian brothers.

There's a lot of new footage in this latest cut, including a bit more of Samuel L. Jackson as the real-life Civil War soldier George Washington Williams, Christoph Waltz as the merciless (and also very real) villain Captain Leon Rom, and of course Margot Robbie as Jane. But this footage is clearly designed to push the special effects with Tarzan's ape brothers playing a huge role. The story finds Tarzan returning to the African jungles after years in civilization, only to be swept in a dangerous and greedy plot to exploit the Congo. Alexander Skarsgard, in a totally different kind of war than he's fighting in War on Everyone, more than looks the part of Edgar Rice Burroughs' jungle hero, and the action appears to be what we'd expect from a summer popcorn flick. But has director David Yates (of the Harry Potter films) made it a little too dark, too grim? Only time will tell.

The Legend of Tarzan opens July 1st.