Female-Led 'Ocean's Eleven' Spinoff Adds Mindy Kaling And Helena Bonham Carter

There are a number of roles to fill in the upcoming female-led Ocean's Eleven spinoff, reportedly titled Ocean's Ocho, but at the rate things are going it won't be long before we know all of the thieving ladies. Showbiz411 reports the latest additions are Mindy Kaling and Helena Bonham Carter, joining the previously cast Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett.

But wait, wasn't Jennifer Lawrence part of the team, as well? As suspected, Lawrence's schedule is going to keep her out of the mix. That's okay because one thing this film won't be hurting for is star power.

At the helm will be Gary Ross, directing a story that reportedly has Bullock playing the sister to Danny Ocean, who was portrayed by George Clooney and may appear in the film at some point. Cate Blanchett will be her right-hand-gal, with the duo putting together a team to steal a necklace from the Met Ball and frame an evil gallery owner. No word on Kaling and Carter's roles, but if they are part of the Ocean team they'll probably have a very specific set of skills.

So don't look at this as a reboot or remake, but a continuation of the Ocean's saga.