Emma Stone And Alicia Vikander Eyed For Dueling Agatha Christie Biopics

Remember about a decade ago when there were dueling Truman Capote biopics in the works at the same time? There was the higher-profile Capote, which landed Philip Seymour Hoffman an Oscar for Best Actor; and then there was the less-recognized Infamous, starring Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock, and Daniel Craig. Well the same thing is happening now, only it's over famed mystery writer Agatha Christie.

THR reports that two Christie films are on the way, each eyeing a different A-list actress to play her. Paramount's film we've actually known about for a couple of years when Will Gluck (Easy A) was brought on to direct it. Even then it seemed like a possibility he'd approach Emma Stone for the role, and that is apparently what the studio is doing. It's unclear if Gluck is still on board, but the Sherlock Holmes-esque premise remains. Titled Agatha, the film takes a fictionalized look at Christie's mysterious 10-day disappearance in 1926, not long after her husband asked for a divorce.

Meanwhile, Sony wants Alicia Vikander for Agatha Christie, which resembles a more standard biopic and centers on the British author's disinterest in being a traditional housewife, instead interacting with the likes of writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Neither project can move forward without the approval of the Christie estate, and given the length of time it took before Kenneth Branagh's Murder On the Orient Express was approved it could be a while.