Eddie Murphy And Brett Ratner May Reunite For Netflix Music Mockumentary, 'Soul Soul Soul'

After his Oscar-nominated performance in Dreamgirls it seemed like we'd be seeing a lot more of Eddie Murphy. That didn't really happen, though, so when he does take on a role it tends to be a pretty big deal. Murphy is in talks to join with Netflix for  Soul Soul Soul: The Murray Murray Story, and if that sounds like the ridiculous title of a fake music documentary then you guessed right.

Murphy would join the mockumentary as Murray Murray,a jazz singer from the '60s who is a legend in his own mind. After a hot hip-hop star samples one of his old songs, Murray puts his old band back together to try and take him down.

Brett Ratner would direct, giving audiences that Tower Heist reunion they were all dreading clamoring for. We'll see if this all comes together, but with the similar Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping tanking at the box office is this a good idea?  [Deadline]