'Dope' Director Rick Famuyiwa Races To 'The Flash'

So of all the many creative shake-ups in the wake of 'Batman v Superman', the first and most visible to fans was the loss of director Seth Grahame-Smith on The Flash. The film boasts a story from the popular duo of Chris Miller and Phil Lord (The Lego Movie), but Grahame-Smith's vision didn't jibe with the studio, who wanted a more experienced filmmaker in his place. And it seems they've found their guy, and certainly he isn't lacking in experience making movies that appeal to the target demographic.

Deadline reports that Rick Famuyiwa is set to direct Ezra Miller in The Flash, with Grahame-Smith's script still in play. Famuyiwa directed last year's indie hit, Dope, which had a youthful energy that Warner Bros. is desperately looking to add after two grim 'n gritty movies directed by Snyder. But he also brings an ability to tackle multiple genres. He broke out in 1999 with the semi-autobiographical comedy, The Wood, then followed it up in 2002 with Brown Sugar, which is considered by many to be one of the best urban romances ever made. He's currently receiving a ton of praise for his HBO film, Confirmation, about the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This finally scratches Famuyiwa's itch to do a superhero movie, after he had been meeting with Marvel for the Black Panther gig that went to Ryan Coogler.

So Famuyiwa can do whatever is called for and should be a strong addition to the DCU's lineup of directors. The Flash opens March 16th 2018.