Could Kellan Lutz Be He-Man In A 'Masters Of The Universe' Movie?

A big screen take on Mattel's Masters of the Universe has been in the works for so long it seems nearly as old as the toy line itself. In 1987 a live-action film starring Dolph Lundgren, a guy who looked the part but couldn't act to save anybody's life, hit theaters and has become a cult favorite for being so terrible. Could Kellan Lutz be the next all-brawn actor to wield He-Man's Power Sword?

The Twilight and The Legend of Hercules star revealed on Twitter that he had a major meeting with McG (Terminator Salvation) about something pertaining to Masters of the Universe...

This has led some some sites to excitedly proclaim that Lutz is "in talks" for the film, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. He didn't actually say much of anything except that he met with McG, who is the most recent director attached to the forever-developing film. That said, he didn't meet with McG and Mary Viola, who happens to be the President of McG's production label, for nothing. And he definitely has the look to play He-Man, assuming that's the role he'd be up for. Personally I think he'd be a better Beast Man.

This may be nothing or it could be the first step in actually casting this thing and getting it off the ground. One fan is definitely excited about the possibility of Lutz as He-Man, though, even if most aren't likely to be.