Channing Tatum Still "Committed" To 'Gambit' Film, Not Jumping To DCU

Much like in politics, the movie news biz is basically one big echo chamber. One site posts something, and a million other sites come swooping in looking to score some hits of their own. Most of the time it's fine, but other times it's just plain dumb. What's been going on the last few days with Channing Tatum, Gambit, and a possible jump to the DC Universe is a case of the latter. And I'm going to contribute to the madness by posting this, so I'm not much better. Ah well.

So a few days ago Batman-News had a flimsy story that suggested Tatum was ditching the shelved Gambit film to join Warner Bros.' DCU movies. Where'd that rumor come from? Well, they stalked The Flash director Rick Famuyiwa's Twitter and noticed that he followed a bunch of DC-related accounts. Oh, and he followed Tatum around the same time, as well. OBVIOUSLY this means Tatum is jumping ship from Gambit to the DCU, right? Some have even begun posting entire pieces on which DC Comics character he might be playing. Sheesh.

To be fair, the reason why some are so quick to believe this is that Famuyiwa landing the 'Flash' gig was preceded by his following a bunch of DC folks. And now that's the low bar being set for movie scoops: Twitter follows.

Now Latino Review has weighed in and they say a source has confirmed to them Tatum is "committed" to Gambit and that Fox is moving ahead with the film.  Currently it has no release date, production schedule, or confirmed cast, so that latter part is a little hard to swallow.  But chances are Tatum is sticking around to play the Ragin' Cajun, if only because it was such a pet project for him and the X-Men producers. First it has to be put back on the schedule by Fox, who removed it after Rupert Wyatt dropped out and problems arose with the screenplay. Doug Liman came aboard to replace him, but who knows how long he'll be able to stick around waiting.

Now after all of that watch Tatum sign on to play Green Lantern tomorrow or something.