'Captain Marvel' Director Shortlist Includes 'The Babadook' Helmer Jennifer Kent

It's been a long wait for those looking forward to Marvel's first female-led superhero film, but that wait is slowly coming to an end. Last night came the exciting news that Oscar winner Brie Larson was in talks to play Carol Danvers in the upcoming Captain Marvel film, and while she has yet to officially sign on rumors about who her director could be are making the rounds.

A tidbit of info in THR's report from yesterday suggests that breakout horror director Jennifer Kent and veteran filmmaker Niki Caro are contenders. Meanwhile, We Got This Covered throws indie director Elizabeth Wood into the mix, as well. Kent had the sleeper hit of 2014 with The Babadook, while Caro has been at the helm of acclaimed films such as Whale Rider, North Country, and last year's sports drama McFarland, USA. Wood, who directed the Sundance film White Girl, reportedly had a private meeting with Marvel execs about the job. 

The big get here would be Kent, but she doesn't seem particularly inclined to direct any blockbusters at this stage of her career. In a recent interview with The Guardian she says...

"It’s funny, when I hear people crying about, ‘Oh, female directors are never offered these big tentpole films ... what about Jennifer Kent? She’s not doing anything!,’ I sort of read it and chuckle because, well, you have no idea what’s going on at my end – what I’m actually saying no to.”

Kent has enough on her plate as it is. She has already signed up to direct an adaptation of Alice + Freda Forever, about a 19th-century same-sex love affair in Memphis, TN. Right now she's working on The Nightingale, a vengeance thriller set in 1829 Tasmania and centering on 21-year-old Claire, who teams up with an Indigenous tracker named Billy to get revenge on a British soldier who committed a terrible act of violence against her family.  The film is expected to open next year.

So Kent is probably not going to be a factor in the Captain Marvel sweepstakes, but with Comic-Con around the corner expect a decision to be made soon. The film opens on March 8th 2019.