Awesome Con 2016: Cosplay Cosplay Cosplay!

Man, is this the same Awesome Con that got off to such a modest start back in 2013? I was stunned by how much the event had grown last year, but that's nothing compared to what Awesome Con put together in 2016. This past weekend DC's premiere pop culture gathering put on its biggest show yet. Not only did they have more guests than ever, but the star power it commanded was out of this world. Doctor Who Peter Cipaldi, Karl Urban of Star Trek, Brett Dalton and Elizabeth Henstridge from Agents of SHIELD, Ron Perlman, Bill Nye the Science Guy (!!!), Kevin Smith, and many more were all on hand hanging out with the geekiest group DC has to offer.

I'm not kidding when I say that it looked almost identical to San Diego Comic-Con, on a much smaller scale mind you. But at the rate it's growing, who knows how much longer that will be the case?

Punch Drunk Critics was on hand this weekend, of course, snapping photos and hanging out with the stars. Okay, maybe not that last part but we were there once again and the Cosplay this year was better than ever. As you might imagine there were a ton of Harley Quinn costumes, and variations on it, and more Spider-Man than ever thanks to his appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Not as much Batman or Superman, though? Funny that.  Anyway, I spent half my time in the video game lounge because, obviously, but found time to hang out with our own Mae Abdulbaki at "An Evening with Kevin Smith". Khalil Johnson was on hand, as well, and Julian Lytle was a fixture at Artist Alley all weekend.

Lots of fun to be had, and we're already looking forward to next year. Maybe we should have a booth or something? What do you think? For more on Awesome Con and to keep up to date on next year's events, check out their website here.

 Here's the Punch Drunk crew in effect; myself, Mae Abdulbaki, Julian Lytle, and our good friend Nell Minow aka The Movie Mom.

Here's Khalil Johnson with...something. What the f**k is that?