Alexander Skarsgard And Michael Pena Ante Up In Hilarious NSFW Trailer For 'War On Everyone'

John Michael McDonagh's previous film, Calvary, starred Brendan Gleeson as a priest of such high moral fiber that he didn't even act to stop own killer. It's a brilliant movie, one of that year's absolute best, but McDonagh's next, War on Everyone, is much closer to the R-rated edge of his directorial debut, The Guard, meaning "high moral fiber" will be a foreign concept to its lead characters.

A new red band trailer for War on Everyone features Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena as a pair of dirty New Mexico cops who break all of the rules to frame any criminal in their path. Problems arise when they mess with the wrong guy, though.Tessa Thompson, Theo James, and Caleb Landry Jones co-star in what looks like a really f**ked up and hilarious Lethal Weapon.

War on Everyone hits the UK on September 30th and stateside later this year. I can't wait.