Vacation Comedy 'Captain Dad' To Star Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, And Catherine Keener

So the Vacation reboot didn't turn out so hot, making for one of the lousiest entries in the vaunted franchise. But those kinds of family comedies aren't going away any time soon, and now a new one is on the way, only this one will have a dark twist and star Will Ferrell, Catherine Keener, and Michael Cera with indie filmmaker Sebastian Silva at the helm. 

The trio will headline Captain Dad, about a husband named Rich (Ferrell) who takes his wife sailing through the Caribbean along with their six kids and their partners. And much like the doomed Griswold clan, this family runs into numerous problems caused by Rich's overconfidence and attitude until they are all ready to throw him overboard.

Cera and Silva had two films together at Sundance a few years ago. One was the road trip comedy Crystal Fairy, and the other was the psychological horror Magic Magic. Silva's last film was the divisive Kristen Wiig-led Nasty Baby. All of Silva's films have a tendency to turn very grim, and Captain Dad promises to be the same. In other words, don't be shocked if Ferrell becomes shark food by the end of it or something. [THR]