'Transformers: The Last Knight' To Bring Back Josh Duhamel

Humans kind of come and go throughout the Transformers franchise, but one who stuck around longer than most was Josh Duhamel. He played soldier William Lennox, who got bumped up in rank with each subsequent film for all of the action he saw fighting the Decepticons. Well after skipping Transformers: Age of Extinction, Duhamel is coming back for the newly-titled Transformers: The Last Knight.

Duhamel joins Mark Wahlberg, Isabela Moner, and Jarrod Carmichael in the fifth Transformers movie directed by Michael Bay. Details are under wraps but with Bay promising this is his final one (We'll see about that!!), expect him to possibly blow up the entire universe or something. He can do that, right?

Transformers: The Last Knight opens June 23rd 2017, which really isn't that far away.