Trailer For 'The Bet' Features "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, And Other Wrestling Legends

Let's keep it 100, okay? When a bunch of pro wrestlers get together to make a movie, that joint tends to be pretty shitty. That's just me being honest, and I'm probably the biggest pro wrestling fan in the world. But does any of that stop me from watching every single WWE Studios film? Or any of the other random movies wrestlers find themselves trapped in like a Texas Cloverleaf? Of course not, and chances are I'll seek out the new comedy, The Bet, which features more wrestling superstars than you can swing a steel chair at. It might also be as enjoyable as a steel chair to the head based on this trailer.

Featuring Diamond Dallas Page, Tommie Dreamer, my favorite wrestler EVER Jake "The Snake Roberts", and also the final on-screen appearance by "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the film centers on a loser who makes an unfortunate bet to sleep with twelve women over the summer or lose his house. The catch is that they are all women he had a crush on growing up.  Also making an appearance in the film is Public Enemy's Chuck D for some reason. What, no Flavor Flav?

It's bad when the studio press release doesn't even tell you the movie's actual star or who the director is. I guess they're really counting on drawing the WWE audience for this one. The Bet his home release this July.