Trailer For Alex Gibney's 'Zero Days' Readies For World War 3.0

Famed documentarian Alex Gibney always has a new doc on the way. Last year he completed three, Going Clear, Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine, and Sinatra: All or Nothing. That's an insane amount of work he and his significant crew put in exploring a range of topics. He's arguably the best at what he does right now, though, and his next film on our current cyberwar is already stirring up a lot of buzz.

The new trailer for Zero Days is out after playing the festival circuit for a while now. There have been a number of films about hacking and cyber attacks, but Gibney is taking a very specific angle. He's exploring the devastating Stuxnet computer worm, rumored to be a joint American-Israeli cyber weapon, which was used to destroy Iran's nuclear program. What if Stuxnet is just the beginning of more dangerous attacks to come? If Stuxnet can be used to destroy nuclear weapons, certainly it could be used to foment nuclear war. This is the dark scenario Gibney is investigating, in a way that looks more thrilling than his typical interview-heavy films.

Zero Days hits theaters on July 8th.