'The Marine 5: Battleground' To Include WWE Superstars Maryse, Naomi, And The Social Outcasts

Ok, I've been pretty tough on WWE Studios' The Marine franchise. Why? Well, it sucks. Not quite on the level as the 12 Rounds movies, but it's still pretty bad. The Miz may be a 5-Time Intercontinental Champion and former WWE Champion, but he hasn't been able to help those movies get any better. However, The Marine 5: Battleground is shaping up to be the biggest and best one yet, and it's all because his amazing wife and former WWE Divas champ Maryse is part of the cast.

WWE Studios and Sony Pictures are teaming on the The Marine 5: Battleground, and it stars Maryse. Like EVERYTHING should. Maryse will be forced to share screen time with The Miz, who will return as former Marine Jake Carter who is now working as an EMT (wasn't this Randy Orton's gig in 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded? Who keeps giving them these jobs they aren't suited for??) and must rescue an injured man from a blood-thirsty biker gang.

And check out who else Maryse will be surrounded by! WWE superstars Naomi, and Social Outcast members Heath Slater, Bo Dallas (!!!!!), and Curtis Axel are all part of the cast. Please tell me the Social Outcasts are the biker gang!! They could be like the Dreadnoks from G.I. Joe!  And Maryse could be their leader!

John Cena led the first 'Marine' film back in 2006 and it was at that point their biggest hit with more than $20M at the box office. That was followed by an atrocious and forgettable sequel starring Ted Dibiase Jr., who most have already forgotten was ever part of WWE. Miz took over with the third film after Randy Orton ran into some issues caused by his past military service (long story short: he was a dick), and he's been the star ever since. Despite my criticism he's actually been good for the franchise, and it seems WWE agrees. Filming begins on on May 31st with James Nunn at the helm. Sadly, that means Maryse will probably be off of TV for a while.