Sony's Animated Spider-Man Film May Feature Miles Morales, Not Peter Parker

Even before Marvel and Sony struck their historic deal to bring Spider-Man into the MCU, fans had been clamoring to see a different approach taken to the character. What they were hoping for was a turn away from another Peter Parker story, and for the focus to instead be Miles Morales, the popular black Hispanic character from the Ultimate Marvel line of comics. That didn't happen either with Sony's botched franchise or when Tom Holland was named as the new Peter Parker. But those who have been waiting to see Morales on the big screen may be getting their wish.

A rumor over at Heroic Hollywood (judge accordingly!) says that Morales will be in the webbed suit for Phil Lord and Chris Miller's animated Spider-Man film. The movie, which Lord and Miller will write and produce for someone else to direct, stands separate to the MCU. Currently there aren't a ton of details, but the working titles are either Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man or the other way around. Both seem a little unwieldy and I wouldn't be shocked if Marvel changes it to simply 'Ultimate Spider-Man'.

Assuming any of this is true it's a big, bold move for Sony and should ignite the kind of excitement they weren't able to generate before.  Morales has basically been the face of comics' push to be more culturally diverse, and should be able to have the same effect on superhero movies, as well.  The film is expected to open on December 21st 2018.