Shakespeare Reimagining 'Ophelia' Lands Daisy Ridley And Naomi Watts

Today is Star Wars Day, people, and so it only makes sense that Daisy Ridley is everywhere right now. When she's not busy helping to open the festivities or filming her return as Rey in Star Wars: Episode VIII, she's signing on for other roles outside of the vaunted franchise. Lately, Ridely has been lining up one non-Star Wars project after another, and now she has just added one more that will see her paired up with Naomi Watts.

Deadline reports Ridley and Watts are in final talks to star in Ophelia, which is based on the tragic character from Shakespeare's classic, "Hamlet". Adapted by Semi Chellas (Mad Men) from Lisa Klein's book and directed by Claire McCarthy (The Waiting City), the classic story is retold from the perspective of Ophelia, one of only two female characters in Shakespeare's play. Hamlet's unpredictable behavior towards her eventually drives her mad, and after the death of her father she is found drowned in a brook.  Presumably Ridley would play Ophelia and Watts is Queen Gertrude.

This won't be a modern reimagining and will maintain the 14th-century setting, although the dialogue will be given a "contemporary voice". It'll be interesting to see how they pull that off.