Recap: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Season 1, Episode 15: "Destiny"

This week's episode of Legends of Tomorrow was full of surprises and answered questions! Overall, this weeks 's episode is probably among the best of the season. Rip and company are have to figure out a way to escape the Time Master's prison and stop Vandal from killing rip's family and taking over the world. Unlike previous episodes, the Legends are at the end of their rope and it seems like more is working against them than for them. The best part about the latter part of the season is we finally see what Vandal was doing to secure his destiny and manipulate the destiny of his enemies. ***Spoiler*** It was revealed in this episode that the Time Masters used the Oculus to manipulate Rip and his team while they traveled through time to assist Vandal in his quest to takeover the world. Druce told Rip that Vandal had to take over the world in order to lead a resistance against an alien attack that will happen aproximately  ten years after  Vandal gains power. After seeing  this , I understood and applauded the writers on how they are writing out the last few episodes of the season. Once again , our team of heroes all had a moment to shine throughout this episode.


Leonard Snart made the ultimate sacrifice last night when he decided to stay behind to ensure that the oculus was destroyed. Now, I don't believe Snart is dead. If Arrow or Flash has taught me anything its that no one  stays dead on these shows. I love how his alleged death brings the team together and his forced a resolve to kill Vandal. Multiple outlets are reporting that start will not be a series regular on Legends of Tomorrow, but he will reappear on Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow throughout the 2016-2017 season. Snart also had great moment with Sara on this episode. In the beginning of the episode he pulled his gun on her, in the middle of the episode he tried to steal a kiss from he, and by the end of the episode he she kisses him. I did not see Sara and Leonard becoming an item. I thought that was a  nice surprise for the viewer.

I love how Jax has evolved over the season. This man was smart enough to go back in time, convince Dr.Stein to help him build a time travel ship so he can save future Dr.Stein. My favorite moment was how Jax took out all of the soldiers with the aerial attack!

Next week is the season finale, and I can't wait to see how the team defeats Vandal Savage. I am also curious about who else from the team is going to die. My vote is for Mick. After seeing his friend die, he looks like he would do anything the avenge his friends death. Even if that means sacrificing his own life to do so. See ya next week!