Review: 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow': Season 1, Episode 14- "River of Time"

There are only two episodes left for the first season of Legends of Tomorrow. This week's episode answered one of the biggest questions I had about Vandal Savage. I was never fully clear why Rip was not able to track Vandal through time.  I also wondered how Savage was able to get the weapons and technology to accomplish his goals.  Tonight's episode answered these and other questions.

This week, Rip intends to get Savage to the Time Master Council so that he can give an account  for his crimes that he has committed. To add to the drama, Kendra is trying to restore Carter's memory.

I've enjoy watching Vandal Savage this entire season. His character gives me the same vibes that Malcolm Merlin did from the first season of Arrow.  Savaged owned this episode tonight! Savage is so bad that he was able use other people to orchestrate his escape from his cell. The dialogue between Savage and the other characters were probably the best of the entire season. The conversation between Ray and Vandal was the standout for me. Vandal forced Ray to acknowledge that Kendra played him in the same way she played Vandal. That conversation could not have occurred at the worst time because Kendra is set on restoring Carter's memory so they can be together. When I looked at this moment for the second time, it seemed as if Vandal intentionally orchestrated this moment . He knew that Carter  would be the asset he needed to overpower the team. On a side note, did Ray really expect to beat Vandal in a fight? I love how Vandal was toying with Ray during their fight. It's as if Vandal knew that he was going to win and was entertaining himself until he won the fight.

Speaking of Carter, he was scary and lethal on this weeks episode. The moment he strangled Kendra with his legs was cool.  Vandal also revealed that he was able to hide on through out time and obtain the weapons because he was able to time travel. Dr. Stein made a drastic decision by sending Jax back to the year of 2016 in order to stop the accelerating aging in his body. I wonder if this means firestorm is off the show or if Dr. Stein is going to get a new partner? I'm not clear as to why they got rid of  Jax.

***SPOILER ALERT*** The big reveal last night was that Vandal has been working with the Time Masters Council the entire time.***End Spoilers*** After Rip brought Vandal in to be judge by the council, Zaman  returns Vandal to 2061 and apprehends Rip and his crew. Seeing the look on Rip's face after learning this was very hard. I felt bad for him because he has literally done everything to stop savage and save his family. He was so set in his mission the jeopardized them members of his crew to save his family's life. No matter what Rip has done, it seems like at this point he cannot defeat Savage.  Within the next two weeks, season one with be done. I'm not sure how the show is going to end this season. My only prediction is that when Savage is defeated, Rip may become the new head of the Time Masters Council. That way Rip can bring integrity back to the council and restore it to its original intent. Here's hoping...until next week.