Rapper Heavy D's Cop Thriller 'Crossed' Is Actually Happening

"The Overweight Lover" Heavy D is back, although not in the way fans of the late rapper might have expected. No, we aren't getting a compilation album of his classic hip-hop hits as part of Heavy D and the Boyz, but instead we're getting a thriller movie that he wrote.

Producer and friend Gordon Bijelonic revealed he is developing Crossed, a police thriller co-written by Dwight "Heavy D" Myers and Avery O. Williams.  Bijelonic made the announcement on what would have been Heavy D's 49th birthday. The legendary rapper died back in 2011.

Crossed, which was originally planned to star Heavy D who had been acting regularly at that point, centers on an NYPD cop who crosses moral and legal lines to bring a drug kingpin to justice.  Xea Myers, the late rapper's daughter, is on board as exec-producer. Here's what she had to say about the news...

"I knew my dad wanted to be a writer and an actor. And I’m so happy this (‘Crossed’)  will happen for him now because he deserves it.”

Before he died, Heavy D had made acting the focal point of his career. He had significant roles in everything from The Cider House Rules to Tower Heist, and appeared on numerous TV shows, as well.  [Variety]