Podcast: Cinema Royale Talks 'Neighbors 2', 'The Nice Guys', And Recent DCU Shake-Ups

In which I endure horrendous technical difficulties, but it was made up for by fellow Punch Drunk Critic Rocky Hadadi who shared her love for Zac Efron's abs and Ryan Gosling's...everything. We expressed our dismay at The Nice Guys and Neighbors 2's low box office. We blame you, America. And I breakdown the shake-ups at Warner Bros. and try to take some of the heat off Zack Snyder, who shouldn't be blamed for everything going wrong. Not sure I succeeded on that last point.

Join BFCA member and film critic extraordinaire Travis Hopson for another amazing episode of Cinema Royale! You can listen to the full episode below. And also please consider subscribing to the show via ITunes, TuneIn, or directly at Blogtalkradio.