Olga Kurylenko Joins Terry Gilliam's 'Don Quixote', Johnny Depp Could Cameo

Terry Gilliam's forever-in-the-works The Man Who Killed Don Quixote has a new lease on life with Adam Driver and Michael Palin coming on to star, and now you can add Olga Kurylenko to the cast, as well. Gilliam made the announcement while attending Cannes to drum up support for the passion project which has faced legendary amounts of difficulty over the last twenty years.

Driver plays a jaded publicist who returns to the small village where he once shot a student film, only to find the place is no longer what it once was. There's he's mistaken for Sancho Panza by Palin's Don Quixote, and the two go off on a journey in which reality and fantasy merge.  Kurylenko's role is unclear, but Gilliam did tease the possibility of a cameo by Johnny Depp, who was long attached to the role now claimed by Driver.  Depp's exploits in the failed production were captured in the documentary, Lost in La Mancha, definitely one worth checking out.

Filming on The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is set for this October.